Name: Antibody Stripping Solution
Catalog quantity: L7710A, 500ml* GV0480, 500ml 5X
*Sufficient reagents for 3000 cm2 or 200-400 membrane strips or 20-40 normal blots
• Storage: Store at RT ( for a protracted storage: +4C°) (L)
● No pungent smelling mercaptoethanol Save time
● Antibody stripping is completed at room temperature. No heating of blots required Saves pricey pattern
● Strip antibodies in nearly 15 minutes at room temperature Economical
● Reblocking of blots could also be prevented in most situations

Western Blot Stripping Buffer

The Western BLoT Stripping Buffer is an answer for eradicating main and secondary antibodies from probed Western blot membranes. Antibody removing with this buffer can happen below delicate circumstances (room temperature, 30 min incubation), minimizing lack of immobilized protein from the membrane. When utilizing a PVDF membrane, the identical membrane could be stripped and reprobed 2–5 occasions. After stripping, membranes could be re-probed, both with a unique focus of main antibody or with a wholly completely different main antibody.

Cat. # Product Size License Quantity Details
T7135A Western BLoT Stripping Buffer 500 mL *
The Western BLoT Stripping Buffer is a reagent that may take away main and secondary antibodies from Western blot membranes. After therapy with the Stripping Buffer, the membrane could be reused; it’s attainable to probe the membrane with both a unique focus of main antibody or with a wholly completely different main antibody. With this product, the antibody removing response proceeds below comparatively delicate circumstances (room temperature, 30 minutes), and due to this fact there may be little or no lack of immobilized protein from the membrane. When utilizing a PVDF membrane, the identical membrane could be stripped and re-probed 2–5 occasions.
antibody stripping buffer

antibody stripping buffer

Blocking buffer Blocking agent Highlights When to make use of Available codecs

Serum and biotin-free single purified protein

  • Performs properly with a variety of antibodies and antibody combos.
  • Compatible with streptavidin methods
  • Blocks in lower than 15 minutes
  • Best for med-high considerable proteins or robust antibody affinity
  • High background with present blocking buffer
  • Stripping and reprobing western blots
Blocker FL

Single purified protein

  • Blocks extra nonspecific binding websites to assist scale back background fluorescence,
  • Works with each nitrocellulose and low fluorescence PVDF
  • Detergent-free
  • Blocks in 15-30 minutes
  • Fluorescence western blotting
  • Imaging and storage of dry fluorescence blots
Pierce Clear Milk Blocking Buffer

Clarified and stabilized milk proteins

  • High efficiency substitute for do-it-yourself milk blocking buffers in Western blotting purposes
  • Long shelf-life at room temperature
  • Use when excessive background seen with Non-fat Milk
  • Fluorescent and chemiluminescent purposes
Borate, pH 7.6

Serum and biotin-free single purified glycoprotein

  • Protein-based formulation doesn’t include any immunoglobulins, albumin or endogenous biotin, making it suitable in lots of conditions the place conventional blocking brokers fail.
  • Biotin-free to be used with streptavidin system
  • Blocks in lower than 10 minutes
  • High background with present blocking buffer
SEA BLOCK Blocking Buffer

Steelhead salmon serum

  • Useful in detection strategies involving mammalian samples.
  • Particularly efficient in purposes involving fluorescence imaging
  • Mammalian samples
  • Fluorescence western blotting
Blocker BSA

Purified bovine serum albumin

  • 10% options of high-quality bovine serum albumin
  • Single purified protein supplies fewer probabilities of cross-reaction with assay elements than serum or milk options
  • Use when focusing on phospho- proteins
  • Best to make use of when storing reused antibodies in blocker
Blocker Casein

Purified casein

  • Single-protein blocking buffer supplies fewer probabilities of cross-reaction with assay elements than serum or milk options
  • Use when excessive background seen with Non-fat milk blockers
Blocker BLOTTO

Non-fat dry milk

  • Ready-to-use 5% answer of nonfat powdered milk
  • Convenience- ready-to-use
  • More constant product over home-made blockers

Non-protein blocking compound

  • Minimizes or eliminates cross-reactivity related to protein-based blocking buffers.
  • Sample-and-antibody combos require the elimination of all attainable exogenous animal proteins within the assay system to keep away from cross-reaction or quenching of the specified probe perform
  • Use when protein-based blockers trigger excessive background
Pierce Fast Blocking Buffer

Single purified protein

  • Blocks in 5 minutes
  • When time is crucial
SuperSignal Western Blot Enhancer

Membrane therapy for low abundance or poor immunoreactivity antibodies

  • Pre-treatment for nitrocellulose membranes
  • Reduces the quantity of main antibody required for probing
  • Use when main antibody is three to 100-fold much less main antibody than is normally used to detect the protein of curiosity

Stripping and re-probing of Western blots presents a number of benefits:

  1. Conservation of samples which can be costly or accessible solely in restricted portions;
  2. Analysis of a given blot utilizing a number of completely different antibodies, e.g. subtype- or isoform-specific antibodies;
  3. Re-analysis of anomalous outcomes and affirmation with the identical or a unique antibody;
  4. Correcting errors in incubation with the fallacious antibody;
  5. Cost financial savings in reagents and time by reusing the identical blot.

Several protocols for antibody stripping from Western blots have been printed, together with these which make the most of low pH, warmth and detergent, and chaotropic brokers. Three advisable protocols are offered under. The first is relevant to any chemiluminescent substrate system and makes use of a mix of detergent and warmth to launch the antibodies. The second is usually used for purposes the place antibodies should be separated from an antigen and employs low pH to change the construction of the antibody in such a means that the binding website is not energetic.

The third protocol employs the ReBlot™ Plus Western Blot Recycling Kit which has been particularly formulated for stripping antibodies from Western blot membranes. Benefits of this strategy embody

  • Avoidance of odor associated to β-mercaptoethanol.
  • Room temperature processing.
  • Removal of antibodies in 15 minutes.

None of those strategies will take away the coloured precipitates generated from chromogenic detection methods (e.g., BCIP, 4CN, DAB and TMB). However, it’s nonetheless attainable to research the blot with one other antibody particular to a unique goal protein.

Usually, these protocols ought to solely be used for qualitative functions, except it has been established that stripping doesn’t quantitatively have an effect on a given antigen. Depending upon the tactic and sort of membrane used, many antigens will face up to not less than 5 stripping cycles. However, it’s to be considered that in every stripping cycle small parts of membrane-immobilized proteins might be eliminated. When a number of antigens are to be detected sequentially, it is strongly recommended to begin with antigens that are anticipated to happen at decrease abundance or yield much less sign.

Here are some further suggestions when planning a Western blot experiment with a number of rounds of antibody stripping.

  • PVDF membranes are extra strong than nitrocellulose and are due to this fact advisable for any protocol involving antibody stripping.
  • Drying of PVDF membranes instantly after switch from the SDS-PAGE gel improves binding of proteins to the membrane and is especially advisable when a number of stripping is deliberate. Dry PVDF membranes should be rewetted with alcohol previous to the primary spherical of immunodetection.
  • Detect low-abundance antigens first.
  • Use low-affinity antibodies earlier than high-affinity antibodies.
  • Important: Although drying of a PVDF blot is advisable instantly after switch, the blot shouldn’t be allowed to dry between rounds of immunodetection. Any residual antibody molecules will bind completely to the membrane whether it is allowed to dry.

WB / Antibody Stripping Buffer

abx090671-200ml 200 ml
EUR 189

West Ez Stripping Buffer

S2100-006 60ml
EUR 81

West Ez Stripping Buffer, Economic Size

S2100-050 500ml
EUR 212

West Ez Stripping Buffer, Economic Size

S2100-100 2x500ml
EUR 280

Western blot recycling stripping buffer, 50 ml (10X)

90101 50 ml
EUR 238

Phospho Antibody Stripping Solution

AKR-102 1 kit
EUR 392
Description: This reagent allows you to strip phospho antibodies from protein blots and subsequently re-probe the same blot.

101Bio WB Stripping Solution

P5W3 - Ask for price

T-Pro Western Blot Stripping Reagent

JB11-K002 500ml/BT
EUR 178

Antibody diluent buffer

AR1106-2 12ml
EUR 91

10xTaq Buffer

PCRB60 4x1.5ml, 6ml
EUR 58.7

ADA buffer

AD0003 25g
EUR 64.79

Tricine buffer

  • EUR 217.00
  • EUR 189.00
  • 100 g
  • 25 g

Wash Buffer

abx098952-20ml 20 ml
EUR 91

Coating Buffer

abx098970-1vial 1 vial
EUR 154

Blocking Buffer

abx098972-1vial 1 vial
EUR 154

Lysis Buffer

abx098984-LysisBuffer120ml Lysis Buffer 1 (20 ml)
EUR 154

Lysis Buffer

abx098984-LysisBuffer3100ml Lysis Buffer 3 (100ml)
EUR 230

Lysis Buffer

abx098984-LysisBuffer420ml Lysis Buffer 4 (20 ml)
EUR 154

Binding Buffer

abx290019-50ml 50 ml
EUR 230

Wash Buffer

abx293002-30ml 30 ml
EUR 105

PBS Buffer

RM00012 2L
EUR 102

Fixation Buffer

22015 100mL
EUR 149
Description: Minimum order quantity: 1 unit of 100mL

Permeabilization Buffer

22016 100mL
EUR 149
Description: Minimum order quantity: 1 unit of 100mL

Binding Buffer

BB10X-50ML 50 ML
EUR 113.7

Wash Buffer

KF17356 500 ml
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Dilution Buffer

EUR 153

Dilution Buffer

EUR 262

Wash Buffer

EUR 196

RIPA Buffer

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